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Hello Alkanians, the Year 2019 is at its end and a new year is coming. Welcome 2020, I wish all people on this earth have a great year and success in 2020. Have you read my previous post about moving my site? As I said before, I am going to go to Self-Hosted WordPress before the end of this year. At last, after struggling and configuring my site for the full 2 days, it’s all done. My site now is really the site that I want and I love it. Thanks for WPBeginner for the tips and guides and also for Dreamhost support team that helps me with the technical problem when I moved my site. I’ll share my experience when moving my site in the future.

So let’s talk about this big event on earth, New Year 2020. Everyone seems happy and already prepared everything they have to celebrate this day. Planning the best spot to watch the fireworks, hanging out with their best friends and colleagues, preparing and buying the food to start the BBQ and other great things to do out there in New Year Eve. What’s so special about this? Why’s everyone so hype about this day? Well, New Year means that it is the beginning of a new life. 2020 is a great number. It’s a double twenty. It’s 20-20. 


What Do People Plan in The New Year 2020?

Okay, 2020 is a great and beautiful number. Many people on this earth have already made their resolution and agendas for this year. As I said before, the beginning of a new life. People want some changes in their life. In other words, they want to have a better life and want to achieve more. So here are the things that most people plan to achieve in 2020.

1. Expand Business / Getting a Job

This is what most people want in 2020, expanding or opening their own business. Why? Because the number 2020 is like a magic number. Many people wish that this number could double their income, double their luck and maybe more than double. Many people out there also want to move from their current job and most likely are searching for another job now so that they can enjoy their new job in the new year. 

2. Getting Married

There are 3 days that have a great and beautiful number to keep as marriage date and they are all placed in February, the sweet and romantic love month. 

  • February 2, 2020
  • February 20, 2020 – The best date.
  • February 22, 2020

These dates have great combinations between 0 and 2 and it will be easy to memorize this number and show off to their friends and maybe their children in the future when they are getting old. I’m sure that many wedding organizers out there already prepared and will place a higher price for anyone who books these dates.

3. New Family Member

Many parents and new couples are also planning to have their new family member, a child. A new family member is a joy and touching event in our life. Honestly, I also wish I have a new family member too, and I hope it’s a girl. 

4. Finish Their Study

There are many students out there stuck in their studies, including some of my friends. Whether they are in school, college or university. They might have problems and issues in 2019 that discouraged them to finish their studies. However, they are optimist that they can achieve this goal in 2020. Let’s wish them luck.

These are 4 things most people want to achieve in 2020. Above all, the most important one is you should do your best to achieve your goal. Do your best to finish what you started and good things will surely come to you by itself. Without effort from within yourself, the plans and anything that you wish would not come true.

So let me know what are your wishes and your thoughts about this post. Feel free to discuss, comment and share your agendas to achieve next year in the comment section below. I wish you a great year and success in 2020. Have fun with your family and friends tonight. Always stay alert of your surroundings and be careful on your way going out or back home. Thanks for visiting The Alkana and reading this post. I’ll see you soon.

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Prajjidna Daliman

Content writer, Freelancer, and Project Manager. Just starting a Real Estate Business in his current town and doing his best effort for the family and life.

29 thoughts on “Welcome The New Year 2020”

  1. I am a Chinese junior high student YouTuber. I have already prepared for the new year 2020. I have set my goals. I have some study strategies (I added some new for 2020) so I got a highest score in my class in the last exam. I also have my personal website hosting on Godaddy, it also has been migrated from Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  2. Well what I have planned for this year is to grow my blog and work really hard for getting content that is really awesome. I wish you a very happy new year and a very happy blogging year.

    Do check out my blog. I have got some good travel content which you might like. Do follow if it interests you and help me grow.. Thanks ?

  3. 2020 seems like ‘the future’ to me. But then I am quite old. 🙂
    Many thanks for following my blog, and good luck with all your projects.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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