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Hey Everyone, In this post, I’m going to share my plan to start a business. It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote on this site.  I hope you are doing well in our current situation around the world. Things are also going better every single day, and it’s very great news for us.

I’ve been busy with my job in these three months. I’ve been doing some projects with my client, and we managed to complete the projects successfully. How about your experience and work situation right now? Are you still working from home and doing all the work remotely?

Talking about working remotely, I’ve been working with my client remotely for almost a year, and it’s not surprising for me when things were getting serious because of the pandemic. I can work like usual and already adapting to the workflow.

My Plan To Start A Business

Back to the topic, I’m going to share my plan with you about opening my own business. I’m planning to open a Digital Advertising Agency and start it in August or early September. Why am I deciding to open this kind of business?

digital advertising agency business

In April, I studied and learned about online advertising, Google ads, Facebook ads, and sort of things like that while working as a freelancer in a local resort. I learned a lot and did some tweaking, testing, and I believed this is a big opportunity for me to open this kind of business in my town. I learned some technical things like analyzing their audiences and demographics, the behavior of the audience, and how a single image of ads can affect the interest of different kinds of audiences.

From my research in my town, most people are still buying ad space in the newspaper for their products or promotions. We know that most people do not read newspapers nowadays. Hence, purchasing ad space in newspapers is not an effective way anymore to promote things.

Because of that, I want to open an advertising agency that mainly focuses on Instagram and Facebook. Billions of people logged in these two social media daily. In my town, there are more than a million active accounts that use these platforms currently.

From this information, I’m sure that this will be an excellent chance for me to start this business. I’ve also decided on the company name, logo, post design, price list, and also created the social media account for it.

Final Thoughts

I’m not an expert at managing a business and currently learning some aspects of finances. Because of this, I did a consultation with one of my clients, and he is a very great marketer. He always teaches me the way to succeed and how to manage finances.

It feels nice writing this post and shares my plan to start a business with you. I hope you can share your ideas, your experience, and perhaps you can provide some feedback for it. It will be great for me before I start my business in August so I can prepare everything ahead.

Thanks a lot for reading this post, you can read my other posts on this site, and I wish this pandemic comes to an end. See you again.

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Content writer, Freelancer, and Project Manager. Just starting a Real Estate Business in his current town and doing his best effort for the family and life.

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