Hello Alkanians, so today I want to share my story about my job. I’ve introduced myself when I started this blog and said that I worked in a rural bank in my town. So my workplace is a rural bank called BPR Kepri Bintan. This company has been around for 12 years. I’m working as an IT Support and it’s my responsibility for system control and maintenance. Today, it’s my 7th year working here. Don’t know why but it seems the time flew quickly. So here’s my story.

The Beginning

Let’s start from the beginning. My colleague told me that there was a job vacancy and searched for IT staff. For your information, I’ve studied technology, computer hardware, and software when I was in school. Hence I considered maybe this is my chance to propose this job.

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

I quickly wrote my cover letter, resume, and sent it to the company. After the next day, I got a call informing me to have an interview. So I came with a plain and innocent appearance, a red casual t-shirt and jeans. An interview wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I don’t know where was my common sense went that day.

The interview and examination went smoothly. I was accepted and started working on January 23th, 2013. The company placed me in the branch office for 1 month. Then, I was promoted to the main office in my second month.

At that time, the management planned to hire another IT staff to assist me. But I told them that I could handle 2 offices and there’s no need to hire anyone else. It could also bring some advantages to the company. Efficient and budget-saving, right?


My coworkers here are all awesome. They are funny, reliable, and sometimes they are a bit annoying too. There are moments when we had some arguments. However, there’s no life and story if there is no argument at all. Life would be bland and also monotone. Also, many have left and joined the company since the first time I worked here. But that doesn’t mean my connection with them cut off. At least we had times and work together here. We are still a family.

Prajjidna Daliman, Taufiq Adi Putra & Derick
My Best Comrades. Derick and Taufiq Adi Putra

Let me introduce my best comrades, Taufiq Adi Putra aka Opit (middle) and Derick (Asian guy). Both I and Opit joined the company in the same year. He joined a week after my first day so he’ll also in his 7th year next week. Derick just joined the company last year. He’s a fresh graduate from high school and currently studying in the same college and expertise as mine. That’s why he possesses an innocent and young look, he’s still 19 by the way. But remember, don’t judge the book by its cover. He’s a little naughty when it comes to women. Hahaha. Therefore, three of us always have lunch, play games and also help each other together. Here are some images of my co-workers, they are great and awesome people.

The Company

BPR Kepri Bintan
BPR Kepri Bintan Building

This is the image of the building where I’ve been dedicated to for seven years. BPR Kepri Bintan is a great and strong company. We have many competitors out there. However, we can hold our position at the top five in the city every year.


These meals are for my coworkers to celebrate my 7th year. We call them Gorengan and this is one of the popular meals in Indonesia. There are fried banana, fried tofu, and Bakwan. They are cheap but delicious. Only $0.07 per piece and the meals above are around $2. Enough for all the people here. Amazing, right?

Well, this is one of the stories of my career. It’s a short story because it would be a freaking long story if I share them all. Okay, I would love it if you can share your thoughts in the comment section below. I am very grateful and appreciate all your support for The Alkana.

Thanks for visiting and reading this post. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon.


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  1. You seem to enjoy your job. I wish you all the best in your endeavour. It was great learning about your home and culture. I am looking forward to learn more. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

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