Madu Tiga Beach & Resort
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In this post, I want to share a vacation destination in Indonesia, precisely in the Riau Islands province. This place is Madu Tiga Beach & Resort. It is quite popular, and numerous tourists visit this place every year. I had a chance to visit it last week and also took some pictures.

This post has been updated in November 2021.

What Is Madu Tiga Beach & Resort?

Madu Tiga Beach & Resort is a place in Bintan Island, one of the islands in Riau Islands province. This place is brand new and started its business in early 2018.

This resort offers many different room types to stay in and provides a beautiful beach for visitors to swim, sunbathe, and take some pictures. A really good place to bring your family.

madu tiga beach resort madu tiga beach resort madu tiga beach resort madu tiga beach resort


The beach is beautiful and magnificent when the tide is high. It also has some sea sport for you to play in. The breeze is powerful when the season change. Mainly because the beach faces directly to the South China Sea.

What Do They Offer?

Madu Tiga Beach & Resort has more than 20 rooms for you to stay. The rooms are well maintained and clean as well as the whole resort. They accept payment using Visa and Mastercard, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Their service is excellent, the staff is very attentive, and always make sure that you have a comfortable stay. The food they offered is affordable and delicious.

They also offer live music on the weekend –you are allowed to sing-, some sports activities such as the bike to use if you want to travel around locally, canoe and jet ski for you to play on the sea.

madu tiga beach resort

They also have added ATV if you love an extreme adventure or activity. The track has already been built across the resort which is very fun to play with family and friends.

Here are the rooms, designed like a hut, with television, water heater, and air conditioner inside. I have stayed here before. It was a pleasant experience. Too bad I did not take any pictures inside the room.

madu tiga beach resort

Room Pricing

I stay here with my family every month. It only cost me $40 for the room and $10 for the food. With a cozy, quiet, and comfortable place like this, cheap and affordable, right?

That’s why you should visit Indonesia. This place is also open to the public to visit (not staying), and it costs a $0.7 entry ticket for each person.

Most tourists are from Germany, Singapore, and France. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the other countries’ tourists haven’t visited and stayed in this resort.

Final Verdict

Madu Tiga Beach & Resort is like a hidden paradise. A magnificent and recommended place for you to visit. The room, the beach, the sports activities, the staff, and the services are excellent.

A perfect place to relax and enjoy the beach and this beautiful part of Bintan Island. Great for the family to have an extraordinary quality time. Excellent and various choices of food.

The atmosphere was pleasant, especially at night, where the area is full of decoration with colorful lamps. However, do not compare the beach party here to the western standard of beach partying.

What do you think about this place? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, if you happen to visit this place or Bintan Island, don’t forget to contact me. I’ll gladly come to you, and we can have a coffee and chat together here.

Thanks for reading and visiting The Alkana. I will see you soon.

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  1. The Philippines, like Indonesia, is dotted with several beaches. It is no surprise that I love beaches. Hoping I get to visit the beaches of Indonesia someday. Quite a great family portrait you had there.

  2. This place is very interesting and it appeals to me. It is very good for multiple prospects such as scenery and staff. Does Indonesia speak English? Maybe I will go to this place one day. Thanks for sharing!

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