Lunar New Year Bazaar
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Hello Alkanian, I’m sorry for my 2 weeks absence. After I recovered from my fever, everything here is a bit out of hand. Therefore, I need to focus on them first. Okay, so I’ve had a chance with my family to visit an Annual Lunar New Year Bazaar near my house last week. This bazaar started merely to celebrate the Lunar New Year that will take place on January, 25th this year. This is an annual celebration that always opens 1 month before the Lunar New Year took place.

This Annual Lunar New Year Bazaar opened on December, 26th and will end on January, 23rd. So that it’s already 3 weeks and 3 days left to visit this bazaar. There are various stands here, selling numerous and beautiful varieties of stuff and also some cookings. This Lunar New Year is the Year of the Mouse. That’s why some kind of stuff here is designed with a mouse image.

Furthermore, both I and my wife admire food. Thus we are here to see the food that is being sold here. There’s no mistake to visit the bazaar only to see the food, right? Haha. I took some portraits too. Here are the pictures while I toured the bazaar.

Lunar New Year Bazaar Portraits

Lunar New Year Bazaar gate
Gate of Lunar New Year Bazaar
Lunar New Year Bazaar
Lunar New Year Bazaar Center Point.

2 images above are the Lunar New Year Bazaar gate and the center of the bazaar. In the daylight, vehicles and pedestrians are crowding this area. Because this area is the central market in the town. After 5 PM, the police will close the road for vehicles and the sellers will set up their stand there.

Varieties of Stuff
Varieties of Stuff

This stand sells varieties of stuff. You can see that there are smartphone hard cases with unique paintings on them, speakers, headsets, etc.

Food Section

Orange stand in Lunar New Year Bazaar
Orange Stand in Lunar New Year Bazaar

This stand is just selling orange. As for the price, 1 kilogram is about $2.5. Cheap? Yes. For Americans, the price is surprisingly cheap and affordable.

Sausage and fishballs
Sausage and Fishballs
Varieties of Food in Lunar New Year Bazaar
Varieties of Food in Lunar New Year Bazaar

The food stands above are selling sliced sausages, fishballs, broccoli and different variety of food. They are served with sticks with only $0.07 per stick. By $1, you can get about 13 sticks at hand. Another affordable meal you got there.

Fried Kwe Tiau
Fried Kwe Tiau

This stand sells Fried Kwe Tiau. Kwe Tiau is a noodle made from flour and fried with bean sprouts and egg. It also prepared with soy sauce and one choice of tomato or chili ketchup. You can buy a portion of Kwe Tiau only for $1. I’m sure with just one portion of it, your belly will be full.

Mozza Sticks in Lunar New Year Bazaar
Mozza Sticks

Here is my colleague, Hendri. He owned a stand here and selling Mozza Stick. You can buy his handmade Mozza Stick exclusively for $0.7 with any choice of flavor (BBQ, Chili, Sweetcorn, Roasted corn and Cheese).

You must be guessing how cheap the food here. Yes, most food here in Indonesia is cheap and affordable. I’ll share more regarding food in the future for you to read. Hence you will know further about Indonesian cuisines. Thanks a lot for visiting The Alkana and reading this post. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below. I’ll see you soon.

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  1. The foods were very delicious and the activities were very interesting more than I expected. However, I had a Chinese New Year in my home town before reading this article, which has less activities. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. I had the flu and ran a fever for 5 days. I’ve been behind on all of life for the past 2 weeks. Feeling better now but lots to catch up on. ?

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