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Hello Alkanians, how are you doing? I wish you guys have a great and healthy day. So I caught a high fever 2 days ago when I was in office. My body feels like it’s being torn apart. Especially my thighs, I can’t move my legs properly as the muscle around my thighs was really sore and feel like it’s going to explode. It hurt, so my colleagues asked my manager to let me went home early. I’m sure fever is a great thing because a fever seems to play a key role in helping our body fight off infections.

I took my day off early and went home as soon as I can. I knew I just need to lay down and take some rest. So after I got home, I laid down and took the thermometer to check on my body. It was high, 39,8 °C or 103.64 °F. I’ve never had a fever that high before in my entire life. I wore my jacket, 2 jackets at once, 1 thick blanket and wrapped myself like a spring roll so that I could make myself sweating to reduce the fever. Thanks to my wife, she spent her night taking care of me. Sadly, I can’t play with my son, he just sat down and look at my petrified body. He knew that I’m not okay so he didn’t ask me to play with him. 

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What Kind of High Fever Treatment That I Did?

First one, this is the one that I always do if I caught a fever, I always wrapped myself with jackets and blankets so that I can make my body sweating and it always worked. But unfortunately, this method failed this time. I didn’t sweat at all, things around me seem so cool and because I can’t move, I can’t move freely to make a supportive move to make me sweat.

Second, the treatment that I did was drinking warm water as much as I could. Why? Warm water can reduce the fever when I go to the toilet to do the flushing, the heat will go out slowly following the flushing sound. FYI, I already went to the toilet when I first caught this fever around 5 times, following my thighs that they are going to explode like a ticking bomb. It hurts, man.

Third, placing a cool, damp washcloth on my forehead and the back of my neck.

Fourth, this is the most people do when they caught a fever, take the medicine. I prefer traditional treatment over modern treatment. Not that I hate it but the extended use of modern medicine could affect the body as well. Thus, traditional treatment won’t work anymore in the future. Trust me, I’ve ever seen some people in my town that had this issue as well.

The last one, I took the night sleeping till the morning. The fever got better, it went down to 37,5 °C or 99.5 °F in the morning. But eventually, the fever went up again in the afternoon, Oh man, what happened to me. So I took the same treatment that I did before. After I did those treatments on the second night, at last, my fever is gone now and my temperature is at 35,7 °C or 96.26 °F. I know that I need to take some more rest so I decided to take another day off tomorrow to make sure I’m at my perfect state.

Thanks to my wife, who took care of me these 2 days and also took care of my son while I’m down like this. I love her so much. Also thanks to my family who helped my wife while she took care of me. Thanks to my mom that rushing to me yesterday when she got the news that I was down. Everyone loved me and so I am, I love everyone. Feel free to share your thoughts about this post, if you have any recommendations about dealing with high fever, I’ll surely note it and very thankful for it. Thanks for visiting The Alkana and reading this post. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon.

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