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Hey, have you read my post about Online Course from Udemy? You can check this post if you haven’t read it. Udemy is an online course platform that provides numerous courses, separated by a bunch of topics you can choose. Now, Udemy offers some free online courses for you.

World Health Organization have announced the COVID-19 Pandemic on March 11th. Thus, many countries have started to isolate their country. Thus, it forced many businesses and companies to close their operations in the meanwhile. Therefore, many people in the world are also being forced to work from home to break the spreading of this COVID-19.

Udemy, as one of the best online course platform, decided to provide some free online courses to everyone and their community. As stated by Udemy, many people are facing unprecedented challenges because of this pandemic. Their main mission to improve lives through learning has become more important than ever before.

Free Online Courses

This week, Udemy released the Udemy Free Resource Center, a curated collection of more than 100 free online courses. They tried to help you adapt to work from home, search for a remote job, maintain your balance, and many more. They will also continue to add more new courses on an ongoing basis until this pandemic lifted, which is amazing.

Udemy Free Online Courses

Before this pandemic, Udemy also offers some free courses. But right now, Udemy offers more than a hundred courses for you to choose from. Therefore, you can fill your time by learning new things and become more productive in the meanwhile.

Some of the free courses are about Personal Productivity and Basic skills in development, which is a great course to start learning. I’ve checked the site, and there are about 181 free courses available right now. So it’s a great chance for you to start learning new things.

How To Access The Free Courses

At first, you should be a member of Udemy. You can sign up here. After you finish setting up your account, then you can access the free courses here. There are a lot of courses you can choose from, but most free courses are basic levels.

It’s better to learn new things than wasting your time laying on your bed doing nothing, right?

Other Things You Can Do

If somehow, you are a teacher and have great skills in a certain field. You can help the world through teaching in Udemy. You can become an Instructor and create your own course there.

Remember, Udemy is not only a learning platform but also a teaching platform. You can find out more about sharing your knowledge here.

If you’re already teaching on Udemy, they also invite you to support one another and share your knowledge in their instructor community.

Final Verdict

It’s a great chance to start learning new things. Especially in this current situation where everyone is forced to work from home. It will become a great asset for you in the future.

It’s easy to learn now in this era of technology, you only need to sign up, choose, and learn the course that you like. So what are you waiting for? Check it right now, and start choosing your new skill for you to learn. 

Online Course

Also, I hope these courses provide you with some guidance and support during these difficult times. To help Udemy, share this resource with others, Udemy invites you to post what you’re learning using the hashtag #alwayslearning and tagging @udemy on Twitter.

Thanks a lot for reading this post and visiting The Alkana. I’m glad I can write and share this information with you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I hope this pandemic ends soon, so we can get back to our usual activity.

Stay safe out there. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly.

Keep the social distancing in the meanwhile, and don’t go outside except buying the essential needs for your home.

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