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Hello Alkanians, have you ever heard Coronavirus, the deadly plague that struck China mainland? This virus is named Coronavirus because the virus looks like a solar corona. The medical term for this virus is the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The virus is spreading to some big cities in China right now and there is still no vaccine for it so far. Because of this, China government already isolated and prevent more than 35 million civilians to leave the land. 

What Is CoronaVirus?

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Coronavirus, the deadly plague was first reported on 31st December 2019 in Wuhan City, China. The main suspected cause of this virus is Bat Soup. Yeah, BAT, It’s a freaking BAT. In Wuhan, there is a food market that sells various meat. Frog, snake, cat, dog, rat, bat and other animals that they think it is edible. The government already closed the market after this plague occurred.

Coronavirus is a virus that mainly infects animals. But now, it can infect people and then spreading between people. Just like MERS and SARS that occurred in early 2002, and also started in China. SARS kills more than 700 people worldwide.

Today, this virus is already spreading to some big cities in China and other countries. The countries are Japan, South Korean, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In some airports around the world, they increase the security to check the visitors using a heat sensor technology. Also, Some nations block incoming and outgoing flights to China.

CoronaVirus Symptoms

The person that is infected by this illness will have a high fever, headache, and coughing. In several cases, the infected could also pass out if they can’t stand the fever. In the recent news, China said that there are some cases where this virus can spread before showing any symptoms. Horrible, right?

coronavirus the deadly plague
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CoronaVirus The Deadly Virus Report

Until today, the reported death toll is already 106 people and more than 4000 people infected by this virus. Some hospitals in China are flooded by patients that are indicated infected by this virus. Also, the workforce could not handle this emergency situation. Now, China is constructing a 1000 beds hospital to treat Coronavirus patients and they target to finish it in 10 days.

In some video footage that I got, many protests in China claim the government failed to solve this plague. There is also a video that shows many sellers in China frustrated because of business loss. They were destroying their goods because of the decreasing sales caused by this plague. The medical staffs also experience great stress because they work with no rest.

In Indonesia, some reports regarding the virus already made in several provinces. My city is also marked as a high potential city to be affected by this virus. This is because many Chinese tourists come to our city and there is a direct flight to China. I always prayed that this plague can be lifted and there is no more fear for us.

How do you think about this phenomenon? Please pray for our safety. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would appreciate any support from you for me and this blog. Have a great day, stay healthy and I’ll see you soon.

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25 thoughts on “Coronavirus The Deadly Plague”

  1. Hello, Prajjidna, I couldn’t comment on your shocking experience, and I wanted to let you know that I am so glad that you, your wife and baby are all safe. What a horrible shock. I hope you all feel better tomorrow. ?

          1. I check your website and it does not carry a reblogged option. So I will write a brief post and link it to your website. It will be published tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Praying for you, your country and the people of China. This is indeed a deadly plague. Thank you for bringing awareness to it. I cannot understand how these diseases get to transfer from animals to humans. I believe that sonetimes these diseases resulted from experiments gone wrong. What do you think?

      1. You know sometimes people laughed at conspiracies, but they do have a lot of truth in them. These people have been eating these bats for years and nothing happened to them. Why now?

          1. So you are saying that the people in Wuhan has never drank the bat soup before? I read on google that the Coronavirus has been patented US10130701B2. What is your ubderstanding of this?

  3. I hope Indonesia start banning flights from Wuhan. Both Malaysia and Singapore have already banned tourists from Wuhan. Philippines banned and also sent any existing tourists from Wuhan back home.

    1. Too bad that Indonesian government act slow. Even the health minister said, “Just enjoy and keep your immune at its best”. The silliest thing i ever heard from a mouth of a minister.

  4. I am a Chinese junior high student from Guangzhou, China. I am not able to go out because of this virus, and I have to stay at home and study all day. I have created some tips to study faster and effectively at home, so I always do my works effectively. I use social media to chat with my classmates.

          1. It is about 1000 km between Guangzhou and Wuhan. I have to stay at home to avoid the virus. I have published my tips on my blog in order to study faster and effectively, and I recorded a video about this and posted on my YouTube channel.

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