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    I’m also available to work remotely and you can hire me via Upwork, one of the best Freelancing Platform out there. Here is the kind of work that I am able to work on:

    Youtube Video Captioning

    Video captioning is a great way to help your audience understand about your video.
    Especially, accurate closed caption.
    I'm currently working for some Youtube Channel owners to work on their video subtitles.

    EN <> ID Translation

    To increase your market target and sales, translating to a different language is one of the best way to achieve it.
    I offer translation services from English to Indonesian for any documents.

    Annotation Project

    In this era of technoology, many tech companies out there are building AI system that would ease human's work.
    Annotation is one of the essential step to help building the AI system, we can call it as Machine Learning system.


    Transcription is a process of transcribing audio and image files to a text, document, or system with high accuracy.

    Data Entry

    I also accepts data entry for your project.
    I am able to work with Google Sheets, Smartsheet, and any other
    spreadsheet application.

    Indonesian Voice Recording

    I only accept Indonesian Voice Recording with Young Male and Neutral Accent requirement.

    Virtual Assistant

    I'm currently working as
    Virtual Assistant with several clients.
    Please contact me for further discussion
    if you are willing to hire me as your Virtual Assistant.

    Feel free to hire me to your project by visiting my Upwork profile or contact me directly using the form above. I would love to discuss with you and make your project a huge success.

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    Monday, Nov 29, 2021