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Humans in this world have many different characters. There are good people, bad people, annoying, funny, humble, and many other kinds of personality. But which one is considered the rare character that a person has? There are only a few people who have these personalities. So here are some of the best characters in the world.

Have you wondered why each human is different? This is simply because if there’s only one character of humans in this world, the world would be bland. There will be no sweet, spice, and sour in our social interaction. Therefore, with these various kinds of characters, there will be a meaning in our life. 

The interaction with various kinds of characters will create some memories in our life. Whether it’s good or bad memories. But somehow, people only want to be friends with good ones. That’s why I will describe to you the best human character in this world that people should have and befriend in their life.

Kind To Bad People

Best Characters In The World

Being kind to the people who did you bad is hard to do. Not only kind to good people or friends. But also kind to the people who disturb, hate, arguing, or rejecting you. This special character is considered rare in this world. You can see there are some cases like siblings and neighbors.

The brother is bad at his sister, then she hates him for life and never wants to acknowledge him as a brother or vice versa. The neighbor who fights at each other. Like Mr. A did something bad to Mr. B, then Mr. B did the same to avenge Mr. A. This will not end until one of them stops it and return the bad thing with a good thing.

This character is rare. Even I have rarely seen it in this world. Therefore, if you meet the people this kind of character, get them as your friend, make them as your life partner. You won’t regret this.

Generous To Stingy People


Being generous is one of the best personalities that people should have. Even the smallest thing, like the donation to the poor people is considered generous. However, can you be generous to the people who are stingy at you? The people that won’t give a single cent to you at all. You can’t do it, right? You won’t even spend a single cent on that person.

This type of character is also rare in this world. Most people will do the same stingy thing to the people who are doing the same stingy thing at them. Which is natural for us to see, right? But if you meet the people this kind of character, you will be astounded with them. It’s a hard nature to have in a person’s life.

Always Have A Cheerful Face

Best Characters In The World

This is also a rare character that people have. Honestly, this is hard to do. Even a single problem that is happening in our life, whether it’s financial, family, or whatever. You won’t be able to overcome the situation, and other people can see it through your face.

Different from this type of character, no matter what kind of situation these people in, they always keep their face cheerful. They show it with a smile and not showing any kind of negative faces. Whether he’s in the bad state in his life or maybe there’s a family problem happening in his life. As there’s nothing bad happened with his life. Can you also do it? It’s hard, believe me.


So here are the best characters in the world. You’ll hardly find them in your social, neighborhood, or workplace. I’ve tried to be able to apply these characters in my life, but it’s hard to do. Is there anyone in your life that has these characters? Or maybe you are the one who has these characters? Then you are great and considered the rare type of human in this world. Thanks a lot for visiting The Alkana and reading this post. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see you soon.

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