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Hello Alkanians, I am happy to share my feeling with you. One of my fellow bloggers, VJ Sadhak, nominated me for the Bee Love Award. Thank you so much, VJ. I really appreciate it. For your information, this site is brand new, and this is the first time I am being nominated. I am very grateful and thankful for this award. I Love the Blogger Community.

So, I just started this blog on December 26th, 2019. The reason why I started this blog because I love the WordPress Community. Just like this award, it links to fellow bloggers’ sites who are being nominated. Thus it will increase the site’s rank and the traffic to the fellow bloggers’ site. Great way to connect and help each other.

Guidelines for Bee Love Award:

  1. Attach the Bee Love Award logo on the top of your post, or you can use it as the post’s featured image.
  2. Pingback to my site, The Alkana.
  3. Thank you to your fellow blogger who nominated you.
  4. Nominate your fellow bloggers.

My Definition of LOVE:

Love can be described as an act, expression, feeling, or perhaps just a word. Love could make everyone feel comfortable. Moreover, love can be sweet, but it can also be cruel. However, it all depends on the person. But in my opinion, love is both feeling and act.

I love everything in this life. I love my family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and animals around me. Plus, I love my fellow bloggers around the world. By spreading love, I can feel the joy and happiness of others. So keep loving everyone and everything around you. If you do this in your daily life, I’m sure your life would be full of joy, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Who do I nominate?

  1. Doreen Wright from Becoming The Oil And Wine; Doreen’s blog is to share her journey to become the oil and wine. She writes based on her personal trials and how God delivered her. 
  2. Michelle from Blessings By Me; Michelle’s blog shares some frugal tips so you can save your money. She also shows you how she DIY from dollar store items and other frugal tips. Furthermore, she will give some tips on healthy living and how to make your own natural products.
  3. Kally from MiddleMe; Kally’s blog is about you and the 9 hours you spend on your job each day. Her blog is a platform for sharing. She will be sharing hers and many others’ experiences and what actions have we taken to get ourselves unstuck in a situation.
  4. da-Al from Happiness Between Tails; Do you love reading and writing? Are you seeking for creative writing that is heartfelt (tails), fun, and also an animal lover (happiness and tails)? You are in the right place. If you enjoy the ideas and sensibilities, you will love her novels.
  5. Ken from Ken Deng; is a Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber, and he is very good at Mathematics (which most people hate), English, Physics, and Computer. Moreover, he also offers some services and tips for studying. You should check out his blog.
  6. Benjamin from Brothers’ Campfire; is a historical narrative of events as they occur in the Land of La Longi from the perspective of three characters, The Bard, The Beast, and The Brother. Any correlation between current events and the storyline may or may not be intentional. You should also visit his blog and read his great stories. 
  7. Lisa Coleman from Our Eyes Open; she is passionate about the environment, sustainability, helping others, and living the best life she can with her husband, Frank. If you love these things, feel free to know them more by visiting her blog.
  8. Mizou from PE Blog; his blog is about traveling. Also, he tells you about travel, lifestyle in general, some uplifting ideas.
  9. Selina Stambi from Never 2 Old 2 Dream; her blog is about many things, her gratefulness to be alive, and traveling on this journey called life. She also posted some comedy video series on YouTube, and you should check them out.
  10. Janine Bonifacio from Hued Spirit; she is a teacher by profession and writes some great posts in her blog. You should check out her blog and read her post.

Thank you for visiting The Alkana. It feels great being in a community that helps each other. Have a great and blessed day. I will see you soon.

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Prajjidna Daliman

I am a freelancer and love working remotely. CEO of a Real Estate Agency in the local area and doing the best effort for life and the family.

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  1. I am a Chinese junior high student blogger and YouTuber. I am glad to hear that I have been nominated for the award. I hope I can get more views and subscribers on my blog. Thank you so much!

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