Bakso Malang Ajeng

Hello Alkanians, in this post, I am going to share one of my favorite Indonesian food. This food is called Bakso Malang. Have you ever heard of it? Or maybe ever read about it before? If not, I will describe it in this post. So stay here and check this out.

What Is Bakso Malang?

Bakso (buck-so) is known in Indonesia as noodle with meatballs or fishballs. Sometimes, Indonesian tends to call meatballs or fishballs as Bakso. If you happen to visit Indonesia, you will find many food courts selling this food. 

How about Malang? Malang (maa-laang) is the name of a city in East Java province. You can check it here. So combining this Bakso and Malang, means that this food origin is from Malang.

Here is the image of the Bakso Malang seller. This guy sells it using his motorbike. You can find this selling method a lot in Indonesia. This method is simple and portable. He can go wherever there is a place that holding an event or crowded place at leisure. That is why this method is efficient and budget-saving.

What Are The Main Ingredients of Bakso Malang?

Generally, Bakso is flour noodle, served with meatballs (most favorite) or fishballs. But it is uncommon to see Bakso with fishball. Other add-ons are tofu and crackers made from flour. You can mix it with soy sauce and ketchup. You can see how Bakso Malang is served in the image below.

Bakso Malang Ajeng

Bakso Malang Ajeng

As you can see, there are noodle rolls, meatballs, fried tofu, and cracker. Along with the soup. This one is tasteless. You need to add the extra sauce like soy sauce and chili sauce. Mix them until you find it delicious. But the most favorite mix is the spicy one. So chili sauce is a great sauce to use. If you like the meatballs, you can also order an extra for 9 cents for each meatball.

How Much a Portion Cost?

Mostly, this food is around 70-80 cents per serving. Cheap, right? I have told you before in this post that most Indonesian foods are cheap. Even a portion of a simple lunch or dinner here costs around $1.5.

Says that you have $7 in your pocket. In the US, it is only enough for one lunch portion or 1 mini size pizza. Or maybe 2 simple burgers. Am I right? I know this because I work as a freelance menu transcriptionist for a food company in San Francisco. And I found out that the food in the US is expensive for Indonesian.

With this $7, you can buy 10 portions of this Bakso Malang and eat them with your friends and colleagues. Just like the image below where one of my coworkers treat us last month. We ordered more than 10 portions, and it only costs $15.

Does Bakso Malang taste good?

Yes, this food is good. But it depends on the seller. If they are not good at making the soup and meatballs. The taste would be bland. But in my experience so far, most bakso in Indonesia is delicious. This is why Bakso Malang is one of the favorite food in Indonesia. If you visit Indonesia, don’t forget to try this food. If you can’t find it, feel free to ask the people nearby. They will guide and tell you the location of this food seller. Most Indonesian are friendly and kind. Especially with tourists from another country.

I am so happy to share Indonesian culture and food with you. If you have any feedback or maybe a request for me to write a topic that you like, feel free to contact me or share your thoughts in the comment section below. I will likely write about food in the future because most Americans don’t know much about Indonesian food.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting The Alkana. I wish you a great and blessed day, and I will see you soon.


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  1. I haven’t been to Indonesia but this sure wants me to taste the flavors of your country. Hoping everything goes well and my plans won’t be impacted by the current COVID crisis. I hope you and your family are doing fine. Stay safe and healthy!

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