Let me introduce myself, my name is Prajjidna Daliman. A daddy with a son called Alkana Daliman and my wife, Friska. I am now enjoying my life as a freelancer in Upwork and starting my journey to become a great content creator.

My Hobby

My hobby is playing games and learning new things. Whatever kind of game because I love to improve my gaming experience. There is a time when I addicted to movies and TV-series, and then I left my gaming activity. I also have a Youtube Channel, and I put some videos on my gaming activity there. Feel free to check it out.

I’m currently learning new skills and enrolling in some online courses in Udemy. Most courses are about Web Development, Management, and Business which is necessary in our current situation right now. 

My Profession

I work as an IT Support in Rural Bank based locally in my town and have been working here since 2013. My main tasks in this company are to make sure the operations run smoothly, monitoring the network, and manage the databases. So far, I enjoy and love my job so much.

I also work as a freelancer in Upwork, one of the best freelancing platforms out there. I work as a virtual assistant, data entry specialist, English to Indonesian translator, and video captioning. After I started my life as a freelancer, I received many new experiences and also making some money. I also realize that content writing can also become a promising income in the future.

My Decision

That is why I decide to build my own blog to improve my writing skills. I also want to share my knowledge and experience with freelancing, game, technology, parenting guide, food, other things, or maybe about my life in the future. 

Feel free to share your thoughts on all my posts on this site. If you have any feedback for me, kindly contact me on the contact page. I will reply to all the feedbacks and comments as soon as I can. I also put my social media links on my profile so that you can get in touch with me. This is all about me.

Thank you so much for visiting The Alkana, and I wish you a great day.


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