Hi, Alkanians, this might be a quick and short post. I want to share a shocking experience that happened to me a while ago. I almost had an accident on the road with my wife and my son. 

The Incident

Two hours ago, exactly at 9 pm at my time, I went out with my wife and 20 months old son. We usually go out using my motorbike every night to comfort my son so that he can sleep tightly.

I usually take the safest and less crowded route so I can ride slowly. But tonight, I don’t know why I turned left, to the opposite route. This route is a bit crowded and I prefer not to ride with this route.
I decided to do a U-Turn after I’m sure that there is no vehicle coming from the opposite way.

When I slowed down and tried to do a U-turn, I lost my balance and I almost fell to the right side. I tried to hold my balance but my wife could not hold her balance. Therefore my motorbike feels weightier.

My wife fell on the road but she managed to protect our son with all her strength. I could hear a horn honking from behind. Hence I quickly helped my wife to get up and went to the side of the road.
She said she’s okay. Just a little sore on his right tight. Other than that, she was fine. My son was also fine and he did not cry at all. But, he seemed to know that there was something wrong happened.

Our Condition

I was shocked and stressed on our way home. She was also silent and did not say anything at all. My son already fell asleep, hugged by his mom. After we reached our home, I hug and apologize to her. She asked me to be more careful in the future and she forgave me.

Now, I am still feeling guilty and shocked that this incident happened to us. I can’t sleep and close my eyes so I decided to write this post. I can’t imagine if there was something happened to my wife and my son. Depressed, shocked, stressed. Maybe more than these. But All praise for Allah, we are safe and sound. So please, be careful on your way guys. This is a shocking experience for me.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting my blog. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon.


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